Fluid Analytics: Holiday 2013 Trends & Data

by / Tuesday, 04 February 2014 / Published in Blog
FLU_holiday_blog_thumbThe trees have long been composted. The candy canes eaten. The Menorahs put away and thank you notes written.But most importantly, the data has been analyzed and now we have a great picture of the digital trends for Holiday 2013.

We saw four key trends:

1. Mobile and tablet are a serious source of revenue. Without a doubt, mobile and tablet have grown in share of total revenue and visits across our client portfolio. For many clients, mobile and tablet revenue accounted for 15-20% of revenue in holiday 2013. Some clients saw 2x or 3x growth in revenue contribution from mobile and tablet this year vs. 2012 holiday. Between the two device categories, mobile tends to drive the most visits, and tablets drive much higher conversion rate – in some cases comparable to the conversion rate on desktop.