By Rigel Cable, Associate Director of Data Analytics, Fluid A war is brewing. It’s a silent one – fought by

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Editors from the Yahoo! Advertising blog polled a group ad agency professionals including Bridget Fahrland, Fluid’s Senior VP of Client Strategy, asking the question, “What

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Last month, I deactivated my Facebook. It was an easy decision: I wanted one less distraction, I know it actually

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By Dana Friedman This summer, preceding my sophomore year at Boston University, I had the amazing opportunity to intern at

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After investigating how some department stores in New York City reach their in-store customers through digital technology, our team of

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The 2013 Tony Award nominees were announced today and it got me thinking about how much technology, people and shopping

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I’ve $30 on my mind. $28.57 to be exact. This is the per user price that Facebook paid for Instagram

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Last week, Facebook announced that brand pages will be switching over to the Timeline layout on March 30. We at

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The social inspiration and curation market is on fire in digital. The land grab for market share and consumer pins,

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Like a designer loving, unique style finding, in-the-know fashionista who ends up in a room full of people dressed just

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In the holiday season when hope reigns and we all want to believe, consumers came up with a “campaign” that

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