A Letter from our CEO: Passing the Torch

by / Tuesday, 15 November 2016 / Published in Blog, Featured, Latest posts, News

Hello Fluid Friends,

My co-founders and I started Fluid 18 years ago with the shared vision of building great customer experiences. During that time we have established a strong reputation as an industry leader, with a proven track record of creating innovative experiences and software solutions that engage and convert customers.

Most recently, we developed and launched the XPS platform, the first legitimate example of A.I. powered conversational commerce. It has been incredibly satisfying to build a software product which has real game changing potential, and to see the successful transition of that business to a global powerhouse like IBM. Launching, building and ultimately selling XPS has been a long, immersive and rewarding journey and one that creates a logical turning point for the organization and me personally. To that end, I have decided to step back from my position as CEO at Fluid to focus on family and personal life, and at some point my next entrepreneurial venture.

I’m humbled by the experience of running Fluid. I have seen new technologies change the face of business and commerce in unbelievable ways. I’ve gotten to engage with a world-class group of clients and partners, and had the opportunity to meet many of you as we’ve navigated and capitalized on technological advancements and market shifts.

And most importantly, I have had the privilege to work with hundreds of Fluidians over the years.

Inspiring. Dedicated. Thoughtful. Passionate. Creative. Fun.

These words do not go nearly far enough in describing the greatness of this team.

And a great team needs a great leader. Which is why I am most pleased to announce that Vanessa Cartwright, our current Chief Client Officer and absolutely dedicated Fluidian, will be assuming the role of CEO and Managing Partner. She’ll be supported in her new role by fellow co-founders Andrew Sirotnik, Chief Experience Officer, and Tamir Scheinok, COO. I will be assisting Vanessa with the transition over the coming weeks and will continue on with Fluid as an Advisor to the Board.

Vanessa is uniquely qualified to assume the helm at Fluid. She has 20+ years experience in agency management and has led Fluid’s sales, account management, and product delivery functions as well as holding the GM role of our NY office for the last 4 years. She has strong and deep relationships with many of you, and the enduring respect of her peers and staff.

I wish all of you the best and thank you for your business.

Kent Deverell,
CEO & Co-Founder, Fluid