Demandware: Three things we’ve learned

by / Wednesday, 25 May 2016 / Published in Blog, E-Commerce, Events, Latest posts

Demandware XChange 2016 set itself upon sunny Hollywood, Florida this Spring, with retailers and technology partners converging to talk shop in the dot com realm. Fluid, Inc. – a certified Demandware Implementation Partner and commerce-enabling design agency – was a proud sponsor of the event.

Here were some of our biggest takeaways from the presentations and conversations that were had at this year’s Demandware XChange.

Personalization is the first major step to unification

“Unified commerce” continues to be Demandware’s promise and vision following its acquisitions of Mainstreet OMS, Tomax POS, and CQuotient Personalization, and we’re seeing the first fruit borne of that promise this year with the global availability of “Predictive Intelligence” (CQuotient) in April 2016. Predictive Intelligence comes in two flavors: Predictive Recommendations and Predictive Email. The former is part of the core platform and now available for all customers, while the latter is available to all Demandware customers at additional cost.

This is exciting because it marks the first complete, tangible step in Demandware’s vision of unifying commerce. Merchandizers can now provide targeted, personalized, dynamic recommendations throughout the storefront and shopping cart without the need for a third-party integration or manual static recommendations configuration.

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With Demandware’s retail POS and OMS already available in certain markets and phases, we are looking forward to these features’ general availability and the next steps to unification.

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