Don’t Let Them Check Out At Checkout

by / Tuesday, 07 February 2017 / Published in Blog, Demandware, E-Commerce, Latest posts
You’ve seen the numbers. For years ecommerce traffic has grown exponentially on mobile but conversion has lagged behind other devices. Why? Because shoppers who make it to checkout encounter a multi-screen experience that requires the nimble data entry skills of a court stenographer rather than the fat-finger talents of us Average Joes.

Life doesn’t need to be so hard. At Fluid, we’ve developed a series of patterns for mobile—and responsive—checkout that are guaranteed to increase conversion. And we’ve designed Fluid Checkout specifically for Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

From accordion-style drop-downs to tap friendly buy stacks, in-line field validation and effective error messaging Fluid Checkout leverages the inherent strengths of the mobile device, as well as established consumer behaviors. We also focus on the best and latest payment providers to reduce the friction.

Our clients have seen increases in conversion by as much as 200% year over year. If your brand is seeing mobile traffic increase, without strong growth in conversion, then it’s time you check out Fluid Checkout.

Don’t let your customers check out for good once they hit the Buy button.