Forrester Report Explores Fluid’s AI Work

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Forrester research, one of the world’s most influential research and advisory firms, explores Fluid’s conversational commerce work for The North Face and 1-800-Flowers in this 14 page report while sharing key insights and take-aways to help executives understand how to successfully launch an artificial intelligence solution.

Report Details

Case Study: The North Face And 1-800-Flowers Embrace AI For Conversational Commerce
Bridging The Quality Gap By Emulating In-Store Engagement Across Digital Touchpoints
November 28, 2016

By Brendan Witcher with Fiona SwerdlowMichele GoetzTed SchadlerDiego Lo GiudiceAndrew Hogan, Meredith Cain, Andrew Reese

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“To find the right products and services, online retail customers still must use old standbys like search and functionality filtering, which pale compared to the assistance, personalization, and overall value a seasoned store associate provides. This report presents eBusiness professionals with a look at how The North Face and are tapping conversational online commerce to better align customer needs and product offerings by using IBM/Fluid’s Expert Personal Shopping (XPS) solution. (Forrester 2016)”

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