Future of Personalization is Natural Conversation

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Kent Deverell, co-founder and CEO, presented on the topic of how AI will transform consumer interactions at eCommerce 1-to-1 in Monaco.


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Last week Kent Deverell, Fluid co-founder and CEO, presented on the topic of how AI will transform consumer interactions.

He noted that the fundamental challenge of digital commerce is that brands and retailers are still not able to engage their shoppers as they would within a store.

eCommerce is growing rapidly but little has changed about the online shopping experience for decades. Shoppers are left on their own to find the “right” products through long navigation trees, one-and-done keyword jockeying, complex filtering and a general lack of reliable advice.

Which for us raised the question: could an innovative solution tap into the rise of new technologies? More specifically, could IBM Watson hold the key to better shopping experiences?

Understanding that Watson could mimic human thinking and decision making, we focused on where the most human retail experiences were — and that was in a store where shoppers get expert help finding the right products for their needs.

In working with The North Face on our inaugural Watson deployment, we conducted in-store shopper studies, tested online concepts, and shadowed store associates and found that shoppers wanted to be helped, especially those that might see consumer goods to be generally the same — they needed help understanding the differences to make the best choice.

In order to truly personalize an experience, we needed to bring that in-store, expert conversation, online.

Fluid XPS is a dialog-driven product recommendation system powered by Watson. It creates a two-way conversation where a shopper can express their needs and what’s important to them in their own words and in return get expert recommendations that best fit their needs.

These digital conversations have wide reaching implications, especially in how they are turning personalization on it’s head. XPS helps shoppers express their needs and gain recommendations and advice that matches those needs, quickly.

To attain true personalization — brands need to use dialogue. Natural conversation. Matching expressed intentions with the best products.

The question we posed to the event audience was — have you started your own conversation in your company about how this can impact and improve your business and deliver an experience that your customers will come to expect?

Or put another way, is your commerce program AI ready?


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