Generation Tux: 90% of Orders Created through GenTux Studio Visualizer

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The brainchild of Men’s Wearhouse founder George Zimmer, Generation Tux is focused on the mission of radically improving every aspect of the online tuxedo rental business.

“We saw that the entire tux-rental model had the opportunity to be totally rebooted,” said Matt Schow, EVP of eCommerce and marketing at Generation Tux. “People who had experience in the offline space saw a need to create a better experience, holistically.”

To bring tuxedo rentals to digital consumers effectively, Generation Tux offers a range of services including free shipping for tuxedo rentals, video tutorials for at-home fittings, and extraordinary levels of customer service delivered by their team of “Concierges.” But the key tool that the Generation Tux team believes will convince people to leave brick and mortar stores and shop online for some of the most important events of their lives is the GenTux Studio. Powered by Fluid’s Visual Mix & Match software, the GenTux Studio is an online tuxedo configurator that allows users to create and visualize their dream tuxedo – from shirt, vest and jacket to pants, tie, shoes and accessories – in realtime and photorealistic quality.

“We had a strong vision,” Schow said. “What’s out there is not very realistic, and our customers are in the process of trying to visualize the most important day of their lives. Realism was an absolute mandate.”

Since unveiling the experience at Dreamforce 2015, Generation Tux has seen huge results from GenTux Studio; according to Schow, 90 percent of orders placed have been created using the tool.

“The magic of the visualizer, and the main reason we wanted it, is that it’s a highly engaging tool for our customers that negates the need for them to go to a store by helping them visualize their look in a photo realistic way and save that look into an outfit,” Schow said. “Strategically, not only does GenTux Studio allow my customers to arrive at a look quickly, which in turn converts them quickly, but it sets a competitive bar so high from a customer experience standpoint that no competitors will be able to compete with Generation Tux for quite some time.”

Schow’s predictions about the engaging nature of the GenTux Studio have been proven through concrete results; Generation Tux revealed that customers spent 350% more time on the visualizer page than the average page on their site, and while they declined to release specific sales data, the site’s conversion rate is 10X that of an average eCommerce site.


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