How Matouk Increased Time on Site by 700% with Fluid Configure

by / Tuesday, 18 August 2015 / Published in Blog, Configurators, Latest posts, Product Customization
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Matouk has been manufacturing and distributing some of the world’s finest home textiles for more than 85 years, and in 2013 they began selling their products directly to consumers via With this new focus on digital, Matouk sought a solution to help them establish a unique online presence, strengthen their relationships with their customers, and bring their brand to life on the Web. To meet these goals, Matouk partnered with Fluid to implement a online custom bedding visualizer based on Fluid’s Configure platform.


Matouk faced some unique challenges, many due to the very nature of the products they sell. Beds are large and take up valuable square footage in a store, and the physical space limitations of retail environment, coupled with the time and effort needed to change a bed makes it impossible to consider all the options when attempting to visualize bedding design in store.

Additionally, until recently Matouk didn’t sell directly to consumers. Their primary customer base has traditionally been retailers and interior designers, and they wanted to deliver a uniquely engaging online experience for that user segment.

“Our category is a tricky one to merchandise, both in an online and offline world, as beds are big and it’s prohibitively expensive and time consuming to stage photographs of every style and color combination” said Stuart Kiely, Matouk’s senior director of technology and marketing. “We wanted to build an online experience where customers are able to create their own personalized bedding combinations that align perfectly with their needs and tastes, by allowing them to mix and match across our entire product line in a way that was previously impossible.”