Is Back-To-School Shopping Still “A Thing”?

by / Thursday, 27 August 2015 / Published in Blog, E-Commerce, Latest posts

In a world where shopping has become more of a moment than an occasion, retailers need to rethink their classic “Back To School” campaigns. Do today’s teens, in an “always shopping” mode even think of piling up at Back To School time anymore? Do today’s parents have as much control over purchase decisions as they used to?

The answer is … things have changed but there is still a lot of opportunity for retailers to cut through the noise and create a successful back to school campaign. Momentology recently published two articles providing expert insights (including our thoughts!) on how to market during the last days of summer:

5 Tips for A+ Back-to-School Marketing Campaigns

Targeting Shoppers From Kindergarten to College

And one bonus tip: always thank your teacher!