Next Gen Retail on Display at the Retail Collective Lab

by / Monday, 14 March 2016 / Published in Blog, E-Commerce, Latest posts
Last week Fluid participated in Dx3’s Retail Collective Lab in Toronto. The lab, which was curated Retail Prophet founder Doug Stephens, demonstrated how the physical store is no longer just a distribution point for product but rather “a powerful new media channel” capable of inspiring new experiences.


The key takeaway from the event is that the physical store is not dead, but is in need of exploring new technologies to be more relevant to tomorrow’s consumers. Stephens put it best when he said that “in comparison to digital, stores are becoming really boring. They haven’t substantially innovated their experience, and are in need of a new focus.”

So how can we bring the interactive content and experiences of digital into the store environment?

Aldebaran, manufacturers of Pepper the humanoid robot, are already addressing this opportunity in Japan.

Nestle plans to have Pepper in over 1,000 Nescafe stores to greet and interact with visitors. The robots will help Nestle discover consumer needs through conversations customers have with Pepper, while simultaneously providing a powerful experience for consumers interacting with the robot.

Other Retail Collective participants included:
• MasterPass​, a digital wallet service by MasterCard that stores your payment cards on any connected device
• Al­-based Expert Personal Shopper​­­ — developed by Fluid­­
• Stefenka​, a 3D body­-scanning technology takes measurements of your body to find shoppers the best fit
• An interactive digital experience by ​Float4​, that allows brands to tell their stories in an immersive and interactive way
• Vizera​, a digital projection technology that enables shoppers to visualize real-life products in thousands of colors, fabrics and materials
• The face and emotion recognition system, Eyeris​, that measures shoppers’ age, gender, head positioning and more
• MobilPoint technology, ​allowing retailers to turn stores into a personalized hub of two­-way communication

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– post courtesy of Fluid CMO, Brian Mitchinson