Product Customization Cartridge

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Fluid announces Certified Demandware LINK Product Customization Cartridge

For a decade, Fluid and Demandware have been partnering on more than 40 digital commerce initiatives for leading retailers and brands including Wolverine Worldwide, Inc., PUMA, Harman Kardon, Nixon, and Poppin.

As one of the first Demandware Premier Solution partners and now a Technology partner, Fluid is dedicated to deepening our ability to build commerce flagships on the Demandware platform.

Today, we’re announcing the Fluid Configure Product Customization Cartridge which enables us to provide our market-leading product customization software, faster and more efficiently to Demandware customers. Fluid Configure, which gives consumers the ability to create unique, exclusive products within a visually rich, engaging experience, is now available via our Certified Demandware LINK Cartridge. This Product Customization Cartridge is a pre-built integration solution for accelerated deployments featuring proven technology and a successful track record — having been implemented for some of the world’s leading retailers and brands including Fender and PUMA.


By providing product customization, companies can differentiate their product offerings and gain substantial price premiums and loyalty associated with bespoke offerings.

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Feature List:

  • Faster implementation of customized products via Fluid Configure
  • High-definition custom product imagery in the storefront, galleries, checkout, and order history
  • Easily share and merchandize custom products via social networks and galleries
  • Flexible architecture to meet customer requirements
  • Ability to manage products in Demandware’s Business Manager
  • Reference implementation of two customized products and a social gallery is included

Integration Available:

  • Certified by Demandware with Pipeline-based Site Genesis
  • Certified by Demandware with JavaScript Controllers-based Site Genesis