What Happens in Vegas Turns Into A Blog

by / Thursday, 19 May 2016 / Published in Blog, Events, Latest posts

Poolside receptions. Flashy Keynotes. 10 hours a day of industry leaders talking about their challenges, successes and vision. The inaugural Shoptalk was like Vegas itself: shiny, energizing and a bit overwhelming by day 3. As one might expect when you mix start ups with traditional retailers, the speakers ranged from Postmates to Dunkin Donuts. The topics covered everything from venture capital to fulfillment. But despite the range, 3 key takeaways emerged:

Digital Gets Physical

Stores. Homes. Apparel. Digital is infusing everything we touch to make experiences more personal, frictionless and in the moment.  Some amazing visions were shared from Westfield Labs, Samsung & ivee. It is clear our physical environments will become more “alive” over the next 5 years – but it also clear that starting with customer needs, “not the technology,” is what will divide the winners from the losers.

Coexisting With Robots

Artificial Intelligence is here – the question is how can we use it to create better shopping experiences? In store, AI devices can team up with sales people to create a winning combination of human touch + amazing knowledge. Online, bots can help guide a customers purchase choice or work behind the scenes to predict and dynamically serve the right products and content. In both cases, we need to think about how to best keep experiences feeling human.

We’re Still Not Nailing It

Everybody, no matter how successful, still has work to do. More often than not, we heard about challenges around data, differentiation and loyalty. At the center of those challenges is having a thorough view of the customer mindset and their journeys throughout the day. The most exciting technologies & business models are only as good as their relevance to customer needs.
Bonus Takeaway – There Is A Difference Between Taking A Risk & Gambling 🙂