A Playbook For Taking Your B2B Experience To The Next Level

by / Tuesday, 17 September 2013 / Published in E-Commerce, Experience Design, User Experience

If  you were looking to redesign your B2B site three years ago, we would have suggested only looking to B2C sites for best in class digital experience examples.

But the B2B landscape is changing for the better. Thanks to the “consumerization” of B2B marketing – wherein B2B marketers take a leaf from the B2C playbook to create immersive, differentiated, relevant and intuitive digital experiences – more and more B2B sites are on par with B2C experiences. They have a clear message, are easy to use, include interactive features, relevant content and are even visually pleasing.

Check out these five examples and add them to your B2B playbook:

IBM: Social Integration Surfaces Activity & Key Messages/Initiatives

Move over Silicon Valley. IBM is a powerhouse of innovation and great branding these days. Their digital experience is a best-in-class example of clear messaging, engaging content and meeting the needs of a diverse audience. The best thing about their experience? It stays fresh and current with social integration. From live tweets on the homepage to active forums, IBM goes beyond marketing and truly serves their digital audience by building community and surfacing the customer voice.


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