Straight to the Source: The Outdoor Athlete (3 of 3)

by / Friday, 11 October 2013 / Published in E-Commerce, User Experience
Our trifecta of outdoor athlete interviews culminates today. It’s grand finale Friday. You’ve met Sam and Lizzie. Now meet Brian. Same set of questions. New set of answers – and insights.

Meet Brian.


Q1. Please describe/list the gear you have in your garage.
It all fits in our back room…
– Ski gear: Skis (5) plus all the related items to keep one warm and traveling safely in the backcountry and at the resort.
– Surf gear: Boards (2) plus wetsuits for cold water and not-so-cold water
– Camping gear: Backpacks (3), tents (3), sleeping bags (2) and all the gear necessary for plush car camping or lightweight multi-day trips.
– Mountaineering gear: Ice axes, crampons, basic ropes and harnesses
– Fledgling rock climbing setup: Harnesses, shoes, ropes, slings, biners, …
– Biking gear: Bikes (5) for city, dirt and road.

Q2. When it comes to your outdoor adventures, what tops your list?
Skiing remote, high peaks or surfing a warm water break where English isn’t the native language.

Q3. What do the outdoor brands you use/wear need to know about you?
Fit, simplicity and versatility are paramount. I won’t pay retail but likely influence those who do.

Q4. How do you use digital in your outdoor activities?
I GoPro’ed for a couple of years but sold it after a skiing a super steep slope with friends and the wide angle lens made it look like a bunny slope. Plus, helmet cams are so 2003. I use Strava when I ride, an avalanche beacon when skiing and love my iPhone as a solid GPS, emergency communication device and sometimes flashlight. I tried FitBit but decided that I’d prefer that others quantify themselves then report back.

Q5. What usually triggers you to buy new gear?
Either a last minute need for a trip or something I’ve coveted for a while where the desire hasn’t faded. The older I get, the more I appreciate versatility. I’m on the lookout for a sweater that I can wear to work, skinny-jean-fest @ Viracocha and backcountry skiing in the same weekend.

Q6. Think of the last piece of gear you bought. What was it?
New fangled running shoes with minimal drop and a sole that’s 2.5x as thick as usual. #moonshoes

Q7. Please describe how and why you bought that last item.
I asked my friend Sam who knows everything about anything and bought them online without trying them on because offered 20% off and will allow me to return them if I don’t like them.