Friday: Five Stand-out Shopping Experiences

by / Friday, 23 August 2013 / Published in E-Commerce
At Fluid we pride ourselves on driving digital commerce innovation. We also know it when we see it. Whether you’re a retailer, pure play ecommerce brand or a branded manufacturer, here are some examples you need to see this week. They reflect bigger trends influencing our industry.

Digital commerce innovations:

1. Mack Weldon’s use of video: Vine. Instagram. (their freeze motion functionality is fantastic). A phone that leads with its camera. Video is hot. Mack Weldon uses it for product shots directly on category pages. Hello conversion and PR. Martin + Osa (RIP) did this in 2008. Why is it better now? Compressed video formats, smartphone penetration, bandwidth and adoption of digital video.

Their Sock Drawer bundle includes enough socks to avoid laundry for a month.

Trends: Use of video, Creative product bundling

2. Wantful’s gift finder: Wantful is Red Envelope meets As brands begin to think about holiday gift guides, Wantful is worth a look. Madlibs-style fill in the blanks and visual sliders add to the product filtering process. Gift guides don’t have to be turn-key.

Trends: Creative filtering of product sets, Gifting (hello Holidays)

3. Manpacks subscription for basics: Once you get through the interstitial pages, you can create your own basics packs for men – delivered on a quarterly basis (or time frame of your choice). Underwear, socks, razors (and condoms!) for you or as a gift. Wine-of-the-month clubs have a whole new twist (and a recurring revenue stream).

Trends: Subscription retail, Emphasis on essentials (and repeat purchases)

Offline awesomeness:

4. Bonobos Guideshop: Bonobos started as a pure play etailer. They now distribute in select Nordstrom locations. Their Guideshops feel like a neighborhood tailor – but with the emphasis on trying before you buy. Bonobos gets that fit matters and that personalized service can be the start of a long-term, lucrative relationship. Any orders are sent to your home – so no shopping bags to schlep.

Trends: Personalized customer service, Omni-channel

5. Levi’s New San Francisco Flagship: Step into the new Levi’s flagship store on Market St and you are more than greeted – you are invited over to the sample table to have a conversation about your style and fit preference. The relay of service continues into the dressing room. Rather then feeling sales-y and driven by commission, it feels helpful and guided. Which matters – to decision making and likely, to their sales volume.

Trends: Personalized customer service, Custom products, Off-the-grid experiences

The quest for great shopping experiences continues…

Happy Friday,