Straight to the Source: The Outdoor Athlete (2 of 3)

by / Thursday, 10 October 2013 / Published in E-Commerce, User Experience
Today is the second day of tapping into the mindset of the outdoor athlete. Anyone else getting the itch to get outside? You’ve met Sam. Now meet Lizzie. Same set of questions. New set of answers – and insights. Tomorrow is Brian.

Meet Lizzie.


Q1. Please describe/list the gear you have in your garage.
Surfboard, three wetsuits, snowboard, skateboard, snowshoes, golf clubs, basic climbing gear, road bike, and soon….kiteboard and a couple of kites.

Q2. When it comes to your outdoor adventures, what tops your list?
Trekking/camping/backpacking in the mountains. If you want a specific place, Tibet – east side of Everest – still tops the list with Patagonia not too far behind.

Q3. What do the outdoor brands you use/wear need to know about you?
I get pissed off when the color scheme of the guys gear is better looking than that of the women’s gear.

Q4. How do you use digital in your outdoor activities?
I’m old-school. I don’t really use much technology; I still carry maps. Maybe that’s why I tend to get lost a lot….

Q5. What usually triggers you to buy new gear?
An upcoming trip always makes an excellent excuse to buy new gear!

Q6. Think of the last piece of gear you bought. What was it?
Kites and kiteboard

Q7. Please describe how and why you bought that last item.
I’m finally up and riding and needed to invest in my own gear. One of my friends is a dealer in kite equipment and was about to place an order. He told me that I’d better get my ass in gear and buy my kites. And I quote: “You’ve been delaying this for almost a year so I’m taking a new approach with you. Get your damn order in. It’s only kites, we are not ordering you a husband.” Previously, I had gotten gear equipment advice from several kiter friends as well as a couple of my previous instructors. I tend to follow advice from those I know versus looking reviews up online. Of course, all the guys that I had asked had already done that part for me!