Straight to the Source: The Outdoor Athlete (1 of 3)

by / Wednesday, 09 October 2013 / Published in E-Commerce, Shopper Science, User Experience
Fluid goes straight to the source to suss out the mindsets of the outdoor athlete. In this case, three of them. One Wednesday. One Thursday. One Friday. We ask the questions. They provide the answers – and the insights. Meet Sam, Lizzie and Brian. We start with Sam.

Meet Sam.

Q1. Please describe/list the gear you have in your garage.
Six bikes, unmentionable numbers of skis, full backcountry and car camping setups for an army, climbing gear, four fly fishing setups, and a few oddities like my old rollerblades and squash racquets.

Q2. When it comes to your outdoor adventures, what tops your list?
Surfing the tropics. Or backcountry couloir skiing.

Q3. What do the outdoor brands you use/wear need to know about you?
I try not to go full carbon copy of everyone else. Nice to find some unique brands that fit and work just as well if not better than the often too clunky or dull US brands. Euros know a thing or two about technical apparel. Thinking bigger, it would be incredible to be offered better matches for body type, fit and style preferences, and end uses.

Q4. How do you use digital in your outdoor activities?
Avy beacons, Strava, GPS, wavecams, some iPhone apps like GPS-enabled mountain range locators are fun to experiment with. Latest outdoor love is a Kindle. Still a GoPro holdout.

Q5. What usually triggers you to buy new gear?
2+ beers and the internet after 10pm.

Q6. Think of the last piece of gear you bought. What was it?
Technical apparel for my wife. I make sure she has an endless supply of warm layers.

Q7. Please describe how and why you bought that last item.
This purchase was opportunistic. Closeout website offerings from great Euro brand. Bright colors, know the fit and quality. Otherwise, I’ve been known to research….a lot.