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Delight musicians with personalized products as unique as their personalities

Increase brand loyalty and profitability with the most established customization platform in the market 

Trusted by some of the world's most successful brands 

About Us 


For over ten years, we've been helping brands connect with and delight customers. 

We believe that customers aren't clones and that each person deserves the opportunity to have an experience that matches who they want to be.

This is why we created Configure - software that enables people to co-create unique designs with their favorite brands. 

We offer an extensive variety of features to make your configurator unique to your brand, and photo-realistic image quality to create the most engaging experiences for your customers. 

Our customers are some of the world's most successful brands who have trusted us with the mission of helping them create closer (and more profitable) relationships with their customers.  

Fender uses Configure to drive sales and increase customer engagement