The Search for Omnichannel Excellence

by / Monday, 13 May 2013 / Published in Online Retail / Interactive Merchandising, Social Shopping

Shopping is in our DNA here at Fluid.

We may be developers, designers, strategists and account managers, but one thing we share beyond our specialties is a passion for shopping. If you’re in the market for clothes, accessories, sporting equipment or kitchenware, there’s no greater place than where we many of us live and work—New York City.

Note to our San Francisco and Chicago colleagues: We love shopping in your cities, too!

Ever on the search for omnichannel excellence, we descended on some of our favorite department stores to see how well they’re adapting to—and adopting—the opportunities to reach in-store customers through digital technology. The results were, well, mixed.

Here are the winners—and the runners-up — among some national chains: