Driven by adventurism, Sperry's custom experience allows customers to create unique pairs of authentic original boat shoes.


Customized Offerings

“Our founder Paul Sperry invented the original, iconic boat shoe out of necessity as a tool to help him on his adventures while he was out sailing the world, and offering a customizable version of that shoe links back to that sense of individualism, creativity and adventure while connecting us to our intrepid customers in a whole new way.” -- Stephanie Brocoum, SVP Marketing, Sperry


Sperry’s focus was on making sure that their customization platform is robust, beautiful and available anywhere on both desktop and mobile. Built on Fluid’s Configure 3.0 software, which also powers customization for other brands in the Wolverine Worldwide family including Chaco and Keds, Sperry’s experience offers a huge degree of creativity and flexibility as well as scalability and stability.


“We’ve seen strong initial response to our custom products,” Howe said. “Before the program launched, leadership took a bet on how many pairs would be sold in the first 30 days, and at the end of that period sales had exceeded nearly everyone’s estimates.” With their online customization initiative already proving a success, Sperry has now has plans in place to bring customization omnichannel beginning with an in-store experience.

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