Setting the Table

At Fluid, we’re big believers in the power of technology, but never just for technology’s sake. The true power of technology is its ability to create experiences that aren’t possible—or maybe just impractical—in the real world. A great example is choosing, assembling and purchasing a perfect table setting.

Sur La Table, the kitchenware retailer, faced this challenge head on.

“Dinnerware is difficult to sell online because each piece appears on a different product detail page,” says Kevin Ertell, SVP of Digital, “so you’re faced with a bunch of single pictures that are hard to visualize in terms of how they fit together.”

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Turns out, assembling the perfect table setting is just as difficult in store.

“Even though we carry most of these products in store,” adds Ertell “there just isn’t enough room for people to lay them out and see how they look together.”

This is where technology comes to the rescue. Enter Fluid Visual Mix and Match.

Built on the Fluid Configure platform, Visual Mix and Match allows customers to browse multiple SKUs and assemble them on-screen in a realistic setting. For Generation Tux, this required two types of photography: laydown shots of items that are gathered in a collage, and on-bust shots that follow complex business rules to ensure that a complete outfit looks as realistic as possible. For Sur La Table, this meant custom photography that would reveal the transparency of glassware as well as the textures of placemats and napkins.

EXPERIENCE IT NOW: Sur La Table Visual Customizer

The results for Sur La Table have been fantastic, raising the average order per visit (AOV) by double digits. They’ve even installed the Mix and Match system on tablets in every one of their stores.

“People really enjoy using this tool,” says Ertell. “We did a usability session on this and it was a big hit. When purchasing something that can have lots of combinations it really helps to have a tool like this.”