5 Things To Love About Our New Site

by / Tuesday, 14 January 2014 / Published in Experience Design, Strategy
Unless it is 3D, smellable, wearable or a complete disaster (hello Healthcare.gov) a new site launch is simply not newsworthy anymore.  New sites are launched every day … they just can’t compete with headlines about a political scandal, a celebrity misstep, or a crazy start up acquisition.

So we didn’t exactly do a PR blitz when we launched our new site. But there are 5 very timely aspects about our site that are most definitely fit to print:

1. Responsive Design

This month, Fluid is completing our 10th RWD project. It killed us that our own site wasn’t responsive as we discussed the merits of RWD with clients. Now we are walking the walk – on desktop, mobile and tablet.

2. Social Integration

We have been a long time advocate of integrating social content to make a site experience current and alive. For retailers, this means including customer generated content. For us, this means including our social updates across Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

3. Shopper Science In The House

We understand what makes shoppers tick. We interview them. Observe them. Study how they move online. And now we are sharing our findings and insights on the site.

4. Immersive Design and Messaging

Gorgeous imagery. A powerful voice throughout. Our site is proof that substance can be sexy. And while we don’t have commerce, we do pair content and action throughout the experience. It’s all about calls to action at the right time and place.

5, The error 404 page.

You can never lose with a picture of a dog.

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