Point of View: When to use Vine. When to use Instagram.

by / Monday, 12 August 2013 / Published in Strategy
The dust has settled. Does the launch of Instagram video mean the death of Vine? I say no.

Digital is big enough for both to thrive.

Vine came out of the gates strong. So strong. Gaining 10M users in just over three months. As of June, Vine’s 13M users were uploading 1M videos a day. In fact, Vine’s engagement rates almost equaled YouTube’s in just over 6 months on the market (YouTube .048%; Vine .031%).

Boom. Enter Instagram video.

In the first 24 hours after Instagram launched video, 5 million videos were uploaded. 5 million videos. (Instagram has a user base of 130M users). As you’ve seen widely reported, Vine sharing reportedly plummeted 40% on that day.

The numbers game has gone quite quiet since June. But one bang before the quiet. In June Vine was the most downloaded non-game application on Apple’s store. That seems to signal that they are alive and well.

As a brand, how do you decide whether to use Vine or Instagram?

Use Vine if you:
1. Want to share mainly on Twitter
2. Don’t need a full story arc
3. Love the throwback feel of animated .gifs (that loop)
4. Want to keep it simple (no filters)
5. Like the challenge of a six second snapshot

Use Instagram if you:
1. Want to share mainly on Facebook
2. Thrive on short stories (15 seconds tops)
3. Have strong Instagram activity and presence

4. Love to use filters and to edit
5. Like the leeway to vary timing (with a complete stop)

Better yet. Show and tell with both. Experiment. Gauge the reaction. And react accordingly.

Here are some stand-out inspirations from other brands. Of note: The brands that were out of the gates early got the benefit of the publicity affiliated with the product launches. (Kudos to #lowesfixinsix and Lululemon).

– GE #6secondscience
– Lowe’s #lowesfixinsix
– Oreo #oreosnackhacks

Victoria’s Secret

Go forth and stop motion, show more than tell, convey how-to’s and get creative on behalf of your brand.

Short video has sparked a creativity explosion. Fluid is excited to be fueling the fire. Fun.