From Pixel Perfect to Responsive Design

by / Thursday, 10 April 2014 / Published in E-Commerce, Experience Design, Strategy, User Experience

So, you’ve decided to transition your site using responsive design. Congratulations! You’ll have a site that provides the right experience on the right device.

This is a strategy that will pay dividends well into the future. I know I’m speaking to the choir here, but you will save money, your customers will love you and you’ll finally have the flexibility you need to integrate marketing and commerce.

  • You’ll save money. You will now avoid endless headaches from managing all those updates from the wide desktop, to the skinny desktop, the tablets of iPad, Nook and Nexus, the iPhone, that larger Android, the smaller Microsoft device, and that shiny new product announced yesterday that you are just sure will break your experience.
  • Your customers will love you, and they won’t know why. The transition from discovering your brand on a tablet at home to learning about your products on a mobile in store will be seamless. This connection, providing an experience that simply works wherever your customer is at the moment, reinforces your service level and why they are shopping with you.
  • It’s flexible in every way imaginable. Responsive web design builds a bridge between brand and commerce using a module-based toolset. These modules allow your marketing to be stronger with content working harder. Your emails will be legible. Your conversions will increase.