Glass & *ss? What’s With All The Beautiful People Wearing Google Glass?

by / Monday, 26 August 2013 / Published in Online Retail / Interactive Merchandising, Strategy

“Look. That woman is wearing Google Glass,” my wife said as we strolled up Hayes Street looking for a place to eat dinner at 7:30 pm on a Friday night without reservations as if we had never heard of Open Table, much OHMD (optical head mounted displays).

I doubt eyewear was the first thing she noticed about the woman. Our siren from the future looked like she had stepped off a Milan runway to give scruffy SF residents a taste of chic. She crossed the street with grace and confidence flanked by 2 very non-descript non-Glass wearing guys.

When we mentioned our first live sighting of “Glass” to friends at brunch Sunday, they said they had seen a tall, striking Scandavian  woman wearing the voice activated, web-connected eyewear about a month ago at SFO.  None of us had seen a “garden variety nerd” wearing Glass yet as featured in the brilliant tumblr “White Men Wearing Google Glass.”

Jason Jenkins Wearing Google Glass