Cutting Through The (Digital) Clutter

by / Monday, 10 July 2017 / Published in Blog, Latest posts, Tech, Uncategorized

By Chris Haines, Director Strategy, Fluid

Whenever an eCommerce client asks about the ideal length of digital video content, I’m reminded of Abraham Lincoln’s maxim that “a man’s legs must be long enough to reach the ground.”  So my response is:  video content should be long enough to get the job done. There is no standard video length, whether you’re selling hamburgers or $5,000 handbags. Instead, one needs to answer the question with another question: what is this particular piece of content trying to achieve? Is the goal brand building? Promotional details? Ease of social sharing? If the answer is “yes,” according to compelling evidence from Facebook, then the ideal video ad length, for eCommerce at least, is 16-20 seconds long. But while this may be enough time to get a single point across, it’s not nearly enough to allow for complex storytelling required to list product details or technical specs.