Is Product Tuning the Future of Customization?

by / Friday, 31 July 2015 / Published in Blog, Configurators, E-Commerce, Latest posts, Tech, Uncategorized

The smart people at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a new capability which could give shoppers the ability to subtly change the overall shape and geometric characteristics of products.

The idea behind this work is that shape design and editing technology, such as AutoCAD, are beyond the average user both in terms of the sophistication of the software and the knowledge required to ensure physical changes are actually meaningful alterations.

By giving users the ability to edit 3D shapes with a set of handles or sliding tools, they can ‘tune up’ or ‘tune down’ certain characteristics with a simple click and drag motion. Further, the model is based on consumer research which provides limits to how much shapes can be changed and what changes would likely do to the shape, such as make a car more aggressive looking.



As 3D printing and lean, fast manufacturing methods evolve, could we see a world where finely tuned products become the ultimate in customization? We’ll see!

Source: Semantic Shape Editing Using Deformation Handles 2015