Watch a Customized Shoe Come to Life

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Customized products are increasingly popular with and expected by consumers. Entire new companies are being built around a custom product model, and implementing a customized product program is easier than ever.  Flexible manufacturing processes and innovations such as 3D printing are enabling mass personalization at lower costs, allowing manufacturers to completely rethink traditional manufacturing and supply chains.

“If you look at a bag, a shirt, or a pair of shoes, it takes the same amount of labor to make one as it does to make a hundred; it’s all about the efficiency around that process,” said Jud Barr, Principal at JTB Consulting. “When you work with a solid production partner, you’re able to get custom production down to within 10%, and in some cases 2-3% of regular line production costs.”

One company that is leading the charge in custom is Timberland, who offer four different styles of shoes that can be customized to an individual’s unique tastes. After a customer designs their shoe, it’s brought to life in Timberland’s factory. Check out this video of one of these shoes being built, it’s amazing to watch cutting edge customization technology combine with classic craftsmanship to create a one of a kind product.

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